2019 Burnout Champion Competition
In Memory of Paul Kulker
Proudly Brought to you by

The 25th Annual Burnout Champion Comp is back and we cannot wait to see some awesome skids for 2018!

Weekend Layout: 

  • FRIDAY 16TH NOV - Burn 4 Cash ($20 Nomination, one skid, winner takes all)

**Nominations from 3:30pm, skids kick off at 5pm. Limit of 50 Cars**

  •  SATURDAY 17TH NOV - Burnout Champion Competition (Top 15 Finals under Lights) $70 Entry
    Ladies Burnout Competition will be held after 2nd

Burnout Heat & Before Top 15 Burnout Champion

 Registrations on Saturday from 8am & will close 1pm Saturday Nov 17th


Over $20,000 in prizes

Now Running 3 Classes

Blown (Supercharged/Turbo 8,6 & 4)
NA Non V8 

 All burnout enquiries to Luke Mead - 0458 812 073



Friday Burn 4 Cash - Download your entry form HERE

Saturdays Main Burnout Competition - Download your entry form HERE


Ladies Burnout Competition - Download your entry form HERE

2018 Burnout Prize Categories
1. Burnout Champion
2. Top Blown
3. Top NA V8
4. Top Non V8
5. Ladies Burnout Champion


- Instructions from officials must be followed at all time
- All Vehicles to be inspected before competing
- All drivers must have zero alcohol content
- No wheel weights on rims
- Must have firewall
- Must have a windscreen (glass or perspex) or a bonnet
- Blowers to be secured
- Battery must be secure
- Vehicles are only permitted to have 1 passenger
- All occupants of the vehicle Must wear a helmet
- No body parts to be out of the vehicle except for arm
- All wheel nuts and studs are required
- All cars must have a roof or full roll cage
- No 4x4 (Front drive shaft must be removed)
- Vehicles must have mud guards or full fenders
- Fuel caps must be secure and sealed
- Only officials are allowed on the Burnout pad
- Top 10 point scorers win a position in the Final
- Any Finals competitors unable to compete
please notify officials
- Maximum  of 2 support vehicles per Burnout car
- Entrants must be ready when their number is called
to compete for Friday/Saturday heats or you will miss out.
- Imports and Rotary's welcome

Judging Criteria

Entertain the Crowd and Judges.
Stay on the pad & don't hit the guard rail. Lose a point if swept.
Driver Control. Lose of momentum deducts points.
Keep continuous movement. Static Burnouts lose points.
Blowing of tyres within allocated time scores higher points.
Blow too early and lose maximum points.
Use all of the pad.
Stopping when signaled by officials.
Have a bloody good time!!
Passengers must keep heads inside the vehicle. Hand movements to encourage the crowd allowed.


2018 Results

Burnout Champion: Anthony Page (PAGEY)

Top Blown: Anthony Page (PAGEY)

Top NA V8: Mitchell Farmer

Top Non V8: Richie Freeman

Top Ladies: Rhonda Farmer

Burn 4 Ca$h: Anthony Page



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